Evangelist Craig Cobb: The Valley of Decision

One thought on “Evangelist Craig Cobb: The Valley of Decision

  1. I want to thank you for a few blessings. My daughter Tammy Josker invited me to the Mothers Day Breakfast and it was wonderful. Then Pastor Guadagno message was one of the better Mothers Day messages I have heard, and I have been in King James, Bible Believing Baptist Churches for over thirty years. I have heard Pastor speak a few times and it always blesses. convicts, encourages and that’s what I believe to be what a Preacher can bring to the congregation when he truly Loves the Lord and compassionate about the work of the Lord.
    I am also grateful for what my daughter, and three grandchildren receive each week. Also for the blessing of my Grandson Matthew coming to your School in the fall.
    I was one of the people from First Bible under Pastor Steve Janke, it always brings me to smiles and tears seeing some of the people from back then and some such as Beverly, Pastors Mom who was a godly Lady and left great examples to me back then and she is still a blessing to many.
    I pray daily for your ministry at Old Time, for your Father, and family. I will continu to pray until the Lord takes me home.
    Love In Christ

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